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Mobility is one of the major challenges in cities due to the increase in urban population (60% of the population will live in cities by 2030) and the consequences of the use of private cars as the main means of transport: traffic congestion, environmental pollution and loss of urban space in the city.

Smart cities all over the world are committing to more connected, sustainable and efficient mobility with strategies that put citizens at the centre of the transport system to save time and costs on their journeys.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) removes the burden of car ownership by acting as an enabler in the mobility market. It consists of extending citizens’ travel options, combining traditional transport (public transport, metro, taxi…) with new micromobility options (car sharing, motorbikes, bicycles, scooters…) for each journey from a single platform.

What do our mobility solutions offer to cities?

Meep offers a comprehensive suite of digital mobility solutions composed of: a MaaS solution, a modular service integration platform, and a data platform with the aim of creating an interconnected transport ecosystem.

We work to connect public and private transport in a city and make it available to its inhabitants in one single application. We encourage active, multimodal, and sustainable mobility to develop more connected, enjoyable and accessible cities.

"In the first phase with Meep, we have accelerated the adoption of personal mobility vehicles in the city. Now we are integrating all means of transport into a single platform that makes it easier for residents to move around Alcobendas. Meep is a key piece in the development of our Integral Mobility Plan."
Roberto Fraile

Roberto Fraile

Councilor for Innovation, Digital Transformation and Economic Development at Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas (Madrid)

MaaS solution

Our MaaS solution allows end-users to plan, book, and pay for the modes of transport that are available in their city, according to their individual needs.

The app consists of:

  • A route planner
  • An interactive map
  • Payment management, transport passes, promotions, and gamification
Our MaaS solution - Meep
Meep - Our modular cloud platform

Modular platform

Our modular cloud platform with its APIs/SDK connection allows us to seamlessly integrate the information, booking, and sales of the different operators and services in the city (PTOs, MSPs and TNCs).

The platform unifies and standardises the different operators, thus providing a single point of access for the provision of MaaS solutions.


MeePath is a data platform that tracks, describes and predicts the behaviour of a city’s inhabitants, providing the necessary information to take decisions based on the power of data.

  • Business Intelligence analytical platform
  • Transport demand performance and forecasting
  • The identification of behavioral patterns
  • Areas with the highest traffic flow and popular routes
  • Cost reduction and the identification of areas needing improvement
  • Monitoring of the environmental impact of mobility and the citizens’ quality of life
MeePath is a data platform that tracks, describes and predicts the behaviour of a city’s inhabitants


7 countries and more than 25 cities rely on our multimodal platform.
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