Digital mobility solutions for micro-mobility

The great diversity in the current transport offer has led to a fragmented mobility market that can sometimes be inefficient, congested or disconnected. Users do not have access to plan, book or purchase trips through a single platform and cannot combine their travel preferences. In addition, waiting or arrival times are not updated in real time or available for a specific location.

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What do our mobility solutions offer to micro-mobility?

Meep offers a comprehensive suite of digital mobility solutions composed of: a MaaS solution, a modular service integration platform, and a data platform with the aim of creating an interconnected transport ecosystem.

Meep works to connect public and private transport in a city and make it available to its inhabitants in one single application. A single solution allows micro-mobility operators to be simultaneously available in multiple locations, thus reaching a larger number of users.

Our MaaS solution

Our MaaS solution allows end-users to plan, book, and pay for the modes of transport that are available in their city, according to their individual needs, creating more efficient transport connections and providing better multimodal accessibility and a more competitive alternative to the private car.

The app consists of:

  • A route planner
  • An interactive map
  • Payment management, promotions, and gamification
Meep - Our MaaS solution
Meep - Modular platform

Modular platform

Our modular cloud platform with its APIs/SDK connection allows us to seamlessly integrate the information, booking, and sales of the different operators and services in the city (PTOs, MSPs and TNCs).

The platform unifies and standardises the different operators, thus providing a single point of access for the provision of MaaS solutions.


MeePath is a data platform that tracks, describes, and predicts how a city’s inhabitants relate to, and make use of micro-mobility operators, enabling them to make decisions using evidence-based knowledge and to use their resources more efficiently.

  • Collecting, synchronising, editing, enhancing and filtering any kind of mobility data
  • First and last mile delivery market user analysis
  • Route optimisation: geolocation and heat maps, most popular routes
  • Fleet management with real time information: event and infringement alert configuration
  • Real-time implementation of actions to improve service quality

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