Ultrasonic ticketing validation

LISNR x Meep solution provides advanced proximity ticket validation.

Transforming multimodal travel experience

Seamless boarding that makes a difference

Our solution enhances the travel experience and optimizes boarding and ticket validation.

Transport operators

Cost reduction: Flexible cost structure.

Enhanced security: Advanced encryption and cryptography.

Efficient management: Full control over data transmission and adaptation to your current tech stack and fare system.


Fast and contactless boarding: Fast and smooth ticket validation for multimodal trips.

Compatible with all types of fares: The fare can be applied once the ticket is validated or with prepaid fares.

Frictionless experience: High transmission reliability means that passengers worry less.


Green technology: Reduce the need for additional hardware by using existing hardware, decreasing environmental impact, and promoting more eco-friendly transportation.

Key travel validation features

What can transport operators achieve with LISNR and Meep?
Discover how our solution improves travel validation and fare management.

Ticket validation

Pre-purchased ticket validation

Avoid duplicates and validate each ticket upon entry.

Offline data transmission: validate even without a continuous network connection.

Hop-on Hop-off validation

Hop-on Hop-off validation with dynamic fares

Passengers can hop on and off seamlessly; the app recognizes this and applies the best fare.

Bidirectional transmission and reception: Efficient communication between the user’s device and the system.

Real time

Real-time ticket validation

Instantly display your ticket and all relevant information for a stress-free ride.

Fast signal recognition (~0.4s): quick processing for a smooth experience.

Be-In Be-Out

Evolution of Hop-on Hop-off: Automatic travel validation without user interaction.

Our Be-In Be-Out technology represents the next step in urban mobility. With this feature, users can simply enter and exit the bus without interacting with any interface.

Automatic detection using ultrasonic technology will handle travel validation and apply the appropriate fare, providing an even more seamless and frictionless transportation experience.

LISNR x Meep solution

This innovative solution is possible because of the collaboration between Meep and LISNR, which combines our expertise in multimodal mobility with LISNR’s patented ultrasonic technology.


LISNR® is the leader in ultrasonic proximity technology. Through their Radius SDK, mobility leaders can unlock the potential of every interaction with seamless, secure proximity detection and contactless transactions, creating personalized, intelligent, and dynamic experiences that drive revenue, engagement, and loyalty.


Meep is a digital solution that integrates and connects different transportation services, creating sustainable, connected mobility ecosystems. But Meep is not just technology. It is the engine that drives more humane and intelligent mobility.