Intelligent urban mobility

Meep is a digital solution that integrates and connects different transportation services, creating sustainable, connected mobility ecosystems.

But Meep is not just technology. It is the engine that drives more humane and intelligent mobility. We unify, analyze and optimize transportation services, providing companies and cities with the data and intelligence tools they need to achieve more efficient, sustainable trips for everyone.

Suite of digital mobility solutions

Our technology enables public entities and operators across transport, infrastructure, IoT and ticketing to deploy digital mobility ecosystems in record time at all budget levels.

We offer a complete suite of digital solutions adapted to the needs of each deployment to facilitate more efficient, sustainable and connected mobility.

Personalized Apps

An end-to-end solution in one place

We create personalized mobility applications (white label) adapted to the needs and strategies of our clients.

Our solution includes, among other functionalities: multimodal route planning, visualization of transportation options and other POIs (points of interest), a user management system and connection with a single, centralized payment system within the app.

API/SDK Toolkit

Flexible and modular software

We offer comprehensive solutions that allow our connected mobility capabilities to be incorporated into any other platform, whether it is a mobile application, a transportation management system or IoT infrastructures.

Our connected mobility technology or MaaS (mobility as a service) is built to optimize urban and interurban mobility in any platform.

Data Driven Solutions

BI (business intelligence) platform and predictive data

Our Business Intelligence and predictive analytics platform empowers transport operators and public entities with actionable data, allowing them to make more effective and economic decisions.

We leverage advanced data analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to improve mobility and operational efficiency.

Our partners trust us

The future of urban transport
Our solution is inspired by the concept of Mobility as a Service or MaaS, which consists of connecting all available modes of transport, both public and private, in a single application, through which users can plan, reserve and pay for their trips in a simple and seamless way, without friction.


Our mission is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offering alternatives to the private car to reduce CO2 emissions

Smart Cities

We want to evolve towards a smart city model where intelligent and better connected transportation makes it possible to achieve cities that are more livable and attractive for the people who live in them


the Mobility as a Service model is the solution to urban transportation that is inefficient, congested and disconnected. It helps people move around in a way that is faster, more multimodal and intelligent