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Our digital mobility solutions have been validated by major transport operators, public entities, and airport operators across various markets, standing out for their swift implementation, adaptability, and flexibility.

Digital mobility solutions for every need

Mobility is one of the greatest challenges we face. Cities, public transport entities and private operators around the world are working towards more connected, sustainable and efficient mobility with strategies that place people at the center of the transport network. These strategies aim to save time and costs when traveling while increasing accessibility for all.

To promote interconnected transport as a fundamental axis of multimodal mobility, Meep makes it possible to make the most of existing mobility, including activating underused assets and infrastructures as well as adapting the current system to the varying needs of users.


More connected, sustainable and efficient mobility

Meep offers a suite of digital mobility products and services composed of a MaaS solution, a modular service integration or back-end platform and a data analytics platform to create an interconnected transportation ecosystem that engenders more livable and connected cities.

Public transportation

A complete solution in a single channel

The digitalization of transport services in a single channel, usually an application, is essential for public transport operators to recover their customer base and generate diversified sources of income.

By partnering with Meep, operators spearhead the digital transformation alongside new mobility, and position themselves as leaders in the industry.

Shared mobility

A single integration, access to thousands of people

Meep integrates city public and private transportation to make it available to its inhabitants from a single channel. With a single integration, transport and micromobility operators make themselves available and accessible across multiple sales channels simultaneously to reach a much greater volume of users.

More than 160 operators on our platform


"The know-how provided by Meep to develop the Alsa Mobi4U MaaS app has positioned us at the forefront of the digitalization of mobility to be able to provide the best service to passengers"

Natalia Aldanondo
Director Digital Development on Alsa

"Our collaboration with Meep to create the Tallinja app has given us the opportunity to radically improve the digital experience for our bus users, leading to Tallinja becoming one of the most downloaded and used apps in Malta and increasing our passenger numbers by more than 20% in two years.”

Konrad Pule
General Manager on Malta Public Transport

"In phase one with Meep, we accelerated the adoption of personal, but sustainable mobility vehicles (like bikes and scooters) in the city. We are now integrating all modes of our transport in the app, making it much easier for Alcobendas residents to get around. Meep is a key piece in the development and realization of our Comprehensive Mobility Plan."

Roberto Fraile
Mobility Councilor at the Alcobendas City Council (2019-2023)

"The alliance with Meep has been crucial in driving Seville Metro's commitment to multimodality, aiming to enhance citizens' quality of life and enable them to make the most of the existing mobility options by creating more efficient and sustainable connections with public transportation as a pivotal player."

Jorge Maroto Gómez
General Manager of Seville Metro