UrbanPath is
our new SDK

The UrbanPath SDK is a comprehensive solution to incorporate Meep functionalities step by step into your application

A modular solution to integrate into your product

Our UrbanPath SDK is a plug and play solution to easily integrate Meep functionalities into your application, from trip planning to booking multiple modes and operators.

It is based on our API, powered by data on all modes of transport and routing algorithms that allow users to plan, book and pay for transportation available in their city.

With our solution, you will be able to improve the user experience, increase retention and differentiate your product, offering a unique digital service with everything that mobility touches.

Use cases

Large transport operators
Augment and digitalize services and develop new integration capabilities with third parties in short time frames

Cities and municipalities
Improve existing solutions by integrating MaaS capabilities like information on all modes of transportation or connectivity with private mobility companies, including parking lots or charging points

TMCs or travel management companies
Give clients real-time information on transportation (schedules, routes, rates and availability) with cross-selling offers

Corporate transportation
A sustainable mobility solution for employees with a multimodal route planner, reservations and a payment system

Transportation on demand
Reinforce DRT capabilities by connecting other modes of transport to flexible routes

ITS providers
Expand products and services with mobility capabilities that connect to digital assets


Search tool

Our search bar, a fundamental route planning tool, is designed to make it easy to find places or locations within your app.

This feature integrates easily into your user interface, maintaining a coherent and fluid design.

Trip Planning

With our planner, users can efficiently and effectively plan, organize and coordinate their city trips, incorporating their preferences across a number of variables for the best possible routes to choose from.

This includes the combination of different types of transport, from active mobility, to public transport to shared mobility.

Route details

Provides a detailed description of each stage of the trip a user is planning. An essential feature that helps users fully understand their itinerary and make decisions.

UrbanPath offers:
- Schedules
- Total cost of the trip
- Interruptions and delays
- Distance and duration of the trip
- Real-time updates

Interactive map

Our SDK allows users to interact with the mobility options nearby on an interactive map so they can easily select how to move.

The different modes are shown with geolocated markers and offer different alternatives depending on availability and type of service.

Booking engine

With services that are fully integrated with Meep, customers will be able to activate the ability to directly book transportation or services in our SDK.

In addition, usage rules can be configured that facilitate and increase traction with users by creating cross selling offers or rewarding benefits if certain usage patterns are met.

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