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data solution

Our technology converts mobility data into business intelligence, making it easier for transport operators, public entities, and infrastructure operators to make more optimal operational and planning decisions

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Mobility data analysis and predictive platform, giving operators, cities and infrastructure managers greater insight and control for optimized decision making


Personalized data analysis solutions tailored to the unique needs of each organization


Connecting our data solutions with any tool, combining data from multiple sources to create different KPIs and OKRs


Mobility Insights

Information about and analysis of the mobility ecosystem for transport operators, transport partners and public authorities to understand how mobility operates within cities and how to optimize and improve it.

Fleet optimization

Fleet management of mobility service providers (MSP) that combines the data collected to automate and optimize operations with real-time deviation alarms.

Demand prediction

Supply estimation based on simulated demand and supply forecasting to measure the use of assets and their current scalability, predict future behavior and conduct stress tests.


The geoanalytical tool combines data collected from integrated operators through their APIs. This allows us to identify patterns, areas of greater or lesser activity, the most frequent routes, the neighborhoods with the greatest influx of people and other data points derived from the analysis of multisource data inputs.

Meep, a partner of Renault's VEC PERTE

Meep, through its data-driven solution, is part of the project "Digital Solutions and Data for Advanced Mobility" within the "Industrial Innovation Ecosystem for the Manufacturing of Electric and Connected Vehicles in Spain" of the VEC PERTE, led by Renault Group Spain.