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Airports of the Future: Transforming airports into seamless mobility centers
We explore the pivotal role of airports as dynamic transit hubs, emphasizing the importance of multimodal mobility solutions in enhancing the overall user experience
Connected rural mobility
We analyse the percentage of the population that chooses or must live in rural and explore how to provide them with opportunities to access key services without the need for private vehicle ownership.
Meep Alcobendas Case Study
A solution to enhance urban and corporate mobility in Madrid.
How to improve tourism experiences through connected mobility
Find out how Meep is transforming the tourism experience. Discover the importance of connected digital mobility for tourists to move around their destination seamlessly and reach any place conveniently, promoting tourism that reduces environmental impact.
Meep: Revolutionizing urban mobility with smart algorithms
In this article, we will delve into how algorithms are capable ofsignificantly enhancing a person's urban mobility experience, increasingtransportation accessibility, and promoting the efficient utilization ofexisting mobilty resources.
Case study of Alsa, Meep and Swiftly
In this paper, we discover all the keys to Meep's collaboration with Swiftly on Alsa Mobi4U, Alsa's connected mobility app.
The gains of digital mobility
Digitalizing public transport services in a single channel is critical for public transport operators to recover their customer base and drive revenue in more ways than one.
The importance of backend on a connected mobility platform
Antonio Crespo, Backend Lead at Meep, reflects in this paper on the importance of the backend in a connected mobility platform.
Transforming payments on urban transport
Borja Fernández-Acero, CIO & Founder at Meep, reflects in this document on the need to design payment mechanisms that facilitate the journey for public transport users.
Alsa Mobi4U Case Study
Alsa Mobi4U is a mobile application that was launched with the aim of bringing together different mobility services in a single integrated solution and expanding the transport operator’s digital connectivity capabilities.
ZUM Case Study
The Zaragoza Urban Mobility (ZUM) pilot was launched in the city of Zaragoza, becoming the first MaaS pilot project in Spain.
Bringing the Mobility as a Service to North America
With this guide, we will discuss the new model of mobility – Mobility as a Service (MaaS), as well as learn all of the advantages that this new concept of urban mobility can offer the North American market.
Tallinja: the engine of Malta’s leading transport operator
This is a case study of Tallinja, the Malta Public Transport’s new mobile app (for iOS and Android) developed by Meep that offers the user the possibility to travel comfortably around the island of Malta.
Introduction to Mobility as a Service
Definition of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), advantages and case of success.
How to adopt Mobility as a Service in your city?
Phases of implementation and key points by Iñigo Herzog, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Meep MaaS platform.
Levels of integration and types of MaaS
Discover the three main types of Mobility as a Service, its definition, characteristics and success stories.