Meep Seville

A solution endorsed by the Seville Metro and the Metropolitan Transport Consortium of Seville

A project to improve urban mobility in the city of Seville which integrated all city operators as well as other services such as parking and EV chargers.

The numbers

First digitized, contactless card in a MaaS platform

About Meep Seville

Private-public collaboration

Meep Seville is a Mobility as a Service solution launched in October 2020 that featured the collaboration both public and private sectors, represented by GlobalvĂ­a, Seville Metro and Meep

Payment integration (QR and EMV-Meepcard)

Meepcard is the first digital contactless card within a MaaS app, usable for the metro, motosharing, e-scooter, TNC and taxis

Multimodal mobility

Improve access to the public transportation network by integrating and creating connections with other modes and including real-time information

Gamification project

With a technology park to promote and encourage sustainability