April 21, 2022

Advantages of multimodal transport

Multimodal transport has emerged as one of the may varieties of transportation for both trasportation of people and transportation of goods.

This type of service is distinguished by its valuable elements and we would like to discuss how this type of service incorporate more modes of travel.

In this article, we will describe the different advantages of multimodal trasportation. Interested? Keep reading!

¿What is multimodal transportation?

Multimodal transportation iswhen users use several modes in different routes and times of the day.

More and more people are using these multimodal services in order to address their need to move and speed up their routes.

This new way of complimenting their displacement can be very relevant for those who use public transport. They use additional short-range alternative transportation to complete their journey.

This phenomenon may be occurring due to the delay in the purchase of cars or the lack of interest in them and people choose to adopt other shared transport services. This can make car buying less essential to this new urban lifestyle.

Integrate several means of transport in a city?

Yes, of course! As we mentioned above, the lifestyle in urban areas has changed in many ways, but specially in the way we move around a city.

As we already know, there are various ways in which we can transport ourselves using different means of transport. It can be used in a complementary way to public transport, as the bus and underground, or riding a bicycle with the use of an electric scooter. Mainly this last one, that since its appearance in the market its consumption has increased rapidly.

This is the reason why big companies have decided to invest in new ways of transportation. There will come a point in which this service will be called upon for transportation needs.

¿Multimodal transport in Spain?

In Spain, there are cities that have had to adapt to these ways of multimodal transportation. The reason behind this could be the contamination of the means of transport or the growth and expansion of the city. Some examples could be Madrid and Barcelona.

Some other smaller cities are also integrating these mobility challenges. A good example could be Seville, which is considered to be one of the most ‘friendly’ cities with the use of bicycles. The reason behind this is that the city has a 160 kilometer bike-lane and with about 3.700 points of temporary rent bike points, SEVivi.

Another clear example of a sustainable city is Zaragoza. In it, you can also find many bike parking places near tramp and train stations and the possibility of taking the bicycle into the public transport.

We have talked about some examples of cities that consider this type of transport as important, but there are continually more cities that join these measurements, and little by little they will become more integrated into small cities.

¿What are the advantages?

Although the multimodal transport of people is quite present in our cities, you may not know some of the great advantages it has.

Next, we show you the advantages that the use of multimodal transport will give you with the use of the Meep application:

  • All means of transport at your fingertips. Thanks to the Meep application you can see all the route options from your smartphone when planning your trip.
  • Multimodal planning of your routes. You can book your preferred route and combine it with any type of transport.
  • You can pay for any means of transport integrated into the application. In this way you can validate and buy from anywhere.
  • Customize any aspect of your trip. Here you can search depending on whether what you need is to move faster, cheaper or if you want to use a greener means and route for your transport. All the options are integrated into a single application!
  • All possible alternatives. This way you will have route options that can combine public transport with shared transport, such as motorcycles, bicycles, electric scooters…

All these possibilities can be managed in real time. You will receive from the application information and notices about external conditioning elements such as traffic, weather, among other events.

As you can see and, if you did not know, multimodal transport has a lot of advantages for the transfer of people that you didn't know could exist.

Are you joining this new way of getting around? Well, stay tuned for our next articles because we will bring you some very interesting information. You can share this article on your social networks. If you have more questions, from Meep you can contact us and we will help you with whatever you need.