May 20, 2024

Connecting Cities: Public Transport as a Pillar of Multimodal Mobility‍

Public transport is a vital part of urban mobility in Europe, moving over 50 billion passengers annually. It is the most sustainable, efficient, inclusive, democratic, and reliable option for daily mobility, providing citizens with access to jobs, education, healthcare, and culture.

With the goal of achieving cleaner air, less congestion, reduced noise, and more green spaces, most, if not all, cities aim to increase the use of public transport. But how can they achieve this?

At Meep, we believe that the most popular mode of transport should be the backbone of the mobility ecosystem, and that mode is public transport.

Our connected mobility solution allows end-users to plan, book, and pay for available transport modes in the city according to their needs, promoting public transport as the cornerstone of multimodal mobility to create an interconnected transport ecosystem that helps achieve more livable, attractive, and competitive cities.

Bringing All Urban Stakeholders Together

Public entities, transport operators, IoT providers, ticketing solutions, etc. As shown in the diagram below, Meep brings all urban stakeholders together through seamless integration, a powerful data tool, and customized applications for end-users.

To promote the use of interconnected transport as a fundamental axis of multimodal mobility, Meep maximizes the potential of existing mobility, utilizing all underused assets and adapting the current system to the needs of users.

Digitization in a Single Channel

To connect public transport with all current mobility stakeholders, it is essential to digitize transport services in a single channel through an integral solution.

A single integration will not only allow collective transport operators to regain their customer base and generate revenue in various ways but also to lead the digital transition alongside new mobility. This way, thousands of people can access public and private transport in a single channel, saving time and costs on their journeys and promoting more sustainable mobility.

"Public transport is responsible for only 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions but can help reduce 50% of emissions generated by other modes of transport." (Sylvain Haon, Senior Director Strategy & Transformation at UITP)

No Need to Start from Scratch

To achieve this, major transport operators do not need to start from scratch.

Meep's digital mobility solutions have been validated by transport operators, public companies, and airport operators in various markets, noted for their quick implementation, adaptability, and flexibility.

By partnering with Meep, public transport operators can:

  • Create digital tools such as customized applications to personalize passenger offers, configure advanced ticketing systems, and enable digital payments, among other functions.
  • Share robust and reliable travel information in real time with users to increase passenger numbers and greatly improve user experience.
  • Apply and enrich their data with a comprehensive data ecosystem to better optimize fleets and reduce investment in research and market measurement tools.
  • Quickly reach the market with turnkey resources but with a highly local approach that addresses their needs.

It may seem overwhelming, but Meep can help. We partner with major operators like Alsa, Aena, or Malta Public Transport to offer connected mobility solutions. Want to know more? Connect with us.

Diego Ochoa
Marketing Manager