Smart Mobility

April 26, 2022

Green transportation: Alternatives to the use of private vehicles

Society is becoming more and more environmentally conscious, and the the different sectors have to adapt to these new ways of thinking.

This means that companies have to change or update the products or services they offer, due to the changing needs of consumers.

Transportation is necessary, as it connects people and even countries. But it is also true that it is one of the main causes of pollution.

What exactly is an environmentally friendly transport mode? Do you know the options that currently exist to move around your city without contributing to pollution?

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What does green transport mean?

Ecological transport methods allow us to move around while contributing to the care of our environment. They are also alternatives to conventional transport methods.

They are becoming increasingly popular, leading us to leave behind those forms of mobility to which we are so accustomed.

Such is the potential of this type of transport that even automobile companies are joining the change so as not to be left behind. They are manufacturing cars with lower carbon emissions, even with zero emissions!

Let's see exactly what we mean.

Environmentally friendly transport methods or sustainable transport

Every day we find more and more transport methods to move in a sustainable way. Here are some of them:

Electric buses

Because it is better for 10 people to use the same transport method than for each person to use his or her private vehicle, public transit has always been encouraged.

Buses no longer only have the advantage of being a type of MaaS public transport, but they can also be electric increasing efficiencies

These types of buses have long lasting batteries and there are even buses that do not have a driver or that clean the air as they move around the city.

Conventional bicycles

We all know this sustainable transport method and surely at some point we have used one.

As we all know, it is a 100% ecological alternative and free of carbon emissions. In addition, it not only allows us to take care of our environment, but also to exercise our body.

Planeers have tried to add ``bike lanes´´ by marking them as such however, it is still unsafe for the cyclist.

Electric bicycles or scooters

The electric bicycle is one of the best options for short trips.

In addition to being another environmentally friendly transportation option, it has certain advantages over conventional bicycles.

This type of bicycle can reach a maximum speed of between 25 or 30 km/h. They also have a motor and a battery that is capable of storing a certain amount of energy to make it easier for their riders to climb slopes. They are also easier than conventional bicycles.

In the case of electric scooters, they do not require any effort on the part of the person driving them because they are powered by battery-powered motors.

Electric cars

As we mentioned at the beginning, various sectors have had to adapt to these trends, as is the case of the automotive sector.

Gasoline or diesel cars no longer lead the market. Now people are looking for more sustainable options that better suit their needs.

Electric cars run on motors that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, which allows the car to start moving.

There are more and more charging points for these types of vehicles. They also have parking areas reserved just for them. In this way, drivers can charge their car while, for example, shopping.

These are just some of the ecological options that currently exist to get around, do you know any other?

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