November 8, 2021

Traveling with ZUM App, a real MaaS experience

This week the Zaragoza City Council and Avanza announced the launch of ZUM app (Zaragoza Urban Mobility) developed by Meep, a platform that integrates different modes of transport in the Aragonese capital and allows users to plan, book and pay for multimodal routes. Over the next few days 300 people will be selected to be the first to try the new pilot app.

ZUM is a pioneering MaaS project in Spain for the following reasons:

  • More than 90% of the public mobility system in Zaragoza is fully integrated in the app. This means that all the trips of the four most important operators in Zaragoza can be made entirely through the app : that is, registration, reservation and payment for their mobility services without leaving ZUM.
  • Integration of public transport passes. Logic would suggest that frequent users of public transport make use of it through fare systems that reduce its overall cost. For this reason, the necessary technological developments have been carried out so that the 30 and 90 day transport passes are available with ZUM. This means that for the first time users can purchase these transport passes through the app without having to go to a physical establishment. In addition, those users who have a physical transport pass will also be able to digitize their subscription and use it with ZUM.
  • Access to public transport through QR codes. A fast and efficient validation system with QR codes has been installed on trams and buses to expedite passenger access without reducing commercial speed, promoting a transportation access procedure that reduces direct contact.

So what does a day using ZUM feel like?

More multimodal and accessible, during which the organising (planning, booking and paying) of any trip you might have to make in Zaragoza by urban bus, tram, taxi or motorcycle-sharing (Muving) is done without having to leave the app.

Here’s my experience travelling with ZUM around the city:

1. Previous steps

First of all, I went through a simple registration process by entering some information and, in the “My cards” section, I added my credit card. I purchased an Avanza digital pass valid for 30 days, with which I had unlimited rides on the tram and bus. In the case of not having purchased a transport pass, I could have also accessed the bus and tram by purchasing a single ticket.

2. Bus

After locating the closest bus stop with ZUM, I was able to check in real time how long it would take for my bus to arrive at the stop.

As soon as I got on the bus, I clicked on the “Buy ticket with QR” button, and immediately after the phone camera was activated for me to scan the code at the driver’s cabin. During the journey, no inspector got on the bus; however, if that had been the case, I had all the information about the ticket I had just bought available in the “My Trips” section.

3. Tram

After planning a route from Plaza España to Plaza de San Francisco, the app suggested several options and I chose the greenest route, which began with a tram ride.

As soon as I entered the tram, I scanned the QR code.Inside each vehicle there are 12 QR codes distributed so that users can easily find them. Find yours when you get on!

4. BiZi (integration at an informative level)

Through the ZUM map I have located a nearby BiZi stop, which also shows the number of available bicycles as well as the number of available anchorages. At the moment, Zaragoza bikes are integrated in the app at an informative level. This means that in order to use them you must have a Citizen Card.

5. Taxi

I also wanted to try the city’s taxi service and on my last trip before arriving at Delicias station I was able to experience a taxi ride using ZUM. It should be noted that the app has aggregated more than 75% of the fleet of taxis present in Zaragoza and for this reason, there is a high availability of vehicles. After selecting my pick-up and drop off location with ZUM, I requested a taxi as it was the fastest route. The application assigned me a driver and the following information appeared on the screen: name and surname of the driver, license plate and taxi model, and the exact location of the taxi on the map. After getting into the taxi and arriving at the station, I already had the receipt of my taxi trip in my inbox.

ZUM provides a new way of moving in Zaragoza, simplifying and making transport more available for users. Those selected to participate in the pilot will be able to win different prizes such as discounts on transportation or free trips.

At Meep, we hope to keep integrating more and more transport services in the app, which is why we encourage the rest of the transport operators in Zaragoza to join the ZUM initiative.

Finally, we would like this project to serve as an example to other cities that share the same goal of developing their mobility strategy, putting the citizen at the center of the mobility ecosystem.